Benzak Denim Developers is denim brand with a strong focus on a high quality products with a functional design. Every detail, every stitch is there for a purpose. This way we try to focus on timeless products that follow 'lifestyle' instead of 'fashion' and last longer to promote sustainability. The brand consists of 3 separate lines: Benzak Denim Developers (made in Japan), BENZAK - EUROPEAN MADE and BENZAK & FRIENDS.

Benzak Denim Developers represents the love and passion for Japanese denim and craftsmanship, combined with contemporary European fits. The jeans are cut, sewn and finished in Kojima, Japan, made from the finest Japanese selvedge denim. Every detail is there for a reason, and has its own purpose and function, without doing any concessions on quality or design.

BENZAK - EUROPEAN MADE is brought to life to develop high quality basic jeans and other garments without the addition of expensive detailing, focusing on the 3 most important factors: good fits, quality fabrics and clean constructions. Fabrics are sourced from around the world, but the entire line is cut and sewn in small ateliers in Portugal. All close to home, and supporting European workers, we can proudly say this line is European made.

BENZAK & FRIENDS contains a collection of products made in collaboration with other brands and products carefully selected from our friends in the industry, to complement both the Benzak Denim Developers and BENZAK - EUROPEAN MADE lines.