Benzak Denim Developers is denim brand with a strong focus on a high quality products with a functional design. Every detail, every stitch is there for a purpose. This way we try to focus on timeless products that follow 'lifestyle' instead of 'fashion' and last longer to promote sustainability.

Nowadays the brand exists of 3 collections, but it all started with the 'made in Japan' line. Launched in 2013 through a crowdfunding project, founder Lennaert Nijgh was trying to combine the Japanese craftsmanship from Kojima, Okayama with fits more suitable for a European bodytype. This first collection consisted of 2 styles: BDD-006 deep indigo 15.7 oz. RHT and BDD-710 green cast 14.7 oz. LHT (and are still part of the collection today). They set the basis for what was yet to come; every year a couple of styles were added to the collection up till the point it was time to launch our 2nd line.

In 2015, again through a crowdfunding project, this 'made in Europe' line was introduced. While the 'made in Japan' line focusses on a product without any concessions on quality and design, the new line strips down this concept to the bare essentials: good fits, quality fabrics and clean constructions. Fabrics are sourced from all over the world, while the production takes place in Portugal, close to home. The combination of these ingredients has let to the more price-sensitive collection BENZAK - EUROPEAN MADE.

The brand has now evolved from a small capsule collection to a grown-up and serious brand, and has never failed to maintain one simple concept: we only create what we want to wear ourselves.