It started with a true passion for dry selvedge denim which eventually turned into Benzak Denim Developers. The first ‘made in Japan’ styles were developed in 2011, and hit the market in September 2013. After years of slowly building the BDD brand, in 2016 we released our 2nd line, BENZAK - EUROPEAN MADE.

As it goes with many brands, the first orders are placed by those close to you: your supporting friends. With them, the foundation of the brand was placed, and without them the success of today couldn’t have been achieved.

In this look book we honour these friends, who have been supporting BDD right from the start and along the way. They are real people wearing their own clothing, showcasing their own personal style.

From students to business owners, a wide variety is represented within this unique group of people. But what they all share is a thirst for high quality and timeless style and maybe even more important: a very close connection with Benzak.